The inspiration for COSMOBEAUTY Mineral Make-up is drawn from nature, more specifically the Northern Lights and the landscape in the Arctic part of Norway.
The source of inspiration is pure, natural and beautiful, made up of minerals that are not only beautiful in themselves but can also be used to enhance human natural beauty. Even in dark times, nature manages to shine in spectacular colors. Like when Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) dances in the sky at night. And when the light hits our spectacular mountain peaks, it shines in the reflections of crow's silver and other glistening minerals.

Natural additives
COSMOBEAUTY uses smaller particles that are crushed up to 3 times more in the process, leaving the skin smooth and the products not settling in fine lines. It also makes the skin breathe well through the makeup. All this allows it to be used by all age groups. The products contain only natural additives, no chemicals or alcohol. All products have a solar factor of 15-20, and not a product has been tested on animals.

With COSMOBEAUTY, you can be sure that we go all the way to packing the products with everything your skin needs to enhance your natural beauty while keeping it healthy and healthy. The main ingredients in our products are Zinc which calms and protects the skin, as well as Mica which adds shine.